Sponsorship Opportunities

Why sponsor SemDial

  • Recruiting. Help ensure graduates will seek you out in their job search.
  • Partnerships. Raise your profile in the eyes of potential collaborators in academia.
  • Prestige. Demonstrate your commitment to the field of dialogue research.

Benefits to sponsors

Depending on the level of support, sponsors may enjoy the following benefits:

  • Logo placement. Your logo on the SemDial 2011 website, proceedings, in the welcome address, and at the workshop itself.
  • Registration hand-out. Include a document in the registration package received by all attendees.
  • Promotional items. Distribute logo-branded merchandise at the workshop.
  • Exhibit. Set up an exhibit or technology demonstration about your organization.
  • Naming of events. Your name on invited talks, banquet or refreshments.

Other opportunities are available, and inquiries seeking other sponsorship benefits are welcome.

Sponsorship at a glance

Typical sponsorship $1000–2000
Minimum sponsorship $400
Expected attendees 70–80
Workshop location Los Angeles, California
Workshop dates 21–23 September 2011

To become a sponsor or find out more

Contact Sudeep Gandhe, SemDial 2011 sponsorship chair (gandhe [at] ict.usc.edu)