Work Mixed Reality (MRRD)

The Mixed Reality group creates immersive systems for education and training simulations that incorporate both real and virtual elements.

Within MRRD’s mixed reality environments, participants can speak, move, and gesture as readily as they would in everyday life. In preserving this sense of physical presence while presenting scenarios otherwise unavailable due to safety and cost, the MRRD group seeks to advance the believability of immersive systems and enhance the training and education experiences delivered.

These systems’ physical and virtual components are also designed to be expandable and reconfigurable, such as with FlatWorld Wide Area Mixed Reality system. The mixed reality physical “stage” can range from a single room to an entire city block. This physical set is blended seamlessly with a virtual environment composed of real-time graphics. When a new scenario becomes necessary, the modular design of both can quickly accommodate the transformation, allowing trainers and educators to rapidly incorporate new lessons into the system.

The MRRD group is focused on two areas of research:

  • Mixed reality display – Research of projection and display techniques to enable computer-generated virtual characters, objects, and effects to convincingly interact with or alter real objects, such as walls, doors, and furniture.
  • Mixed reality sensing – Research to enhance the ability of mixed reality systems to detect and track participants without encumbering the participant with cables, sensors, etc. This capability makes the systems “aware,” and thus able to respond believably to participants’ actions.

The following are MRRD integration projects: