The Redirected Walking Toolkit

The Redirected Walking Toolkit

Redirected Walking Toolkit

Mahdi Azmandian, Timofey Grechkin, Mark Bolas, Evan Suma

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The Redirected Walking Toolkit is a unified development and deployment platform for enabling exploration of large virtual environments. The toolkit is presented as a Unity3D package that can seamlessly integrate with standard virtual reality configurations to enable redirected walking algorithms with minimal setup effort for developers. The toolkit’s flexible architecture offers an interface that is not only easy to extend, but also complimented with a suite of simulation tools for testing and analysis.

The Redirected Walking Toolkit is free to use and distribute for both commercial and noncommercial purposes (for commercial uses, please contact us).

If you use the toolkit to support your research project, we request that any publications resulting from the use of this software include a reference to the toolkit. Additionally, we encourage you to send us an email about your project, so we can compile a list of projects that use the toolkit. This will be help us pursue funding to maintain the software and add new functionality. The publication to reference is:

M. Azmandian, T. Grechkin, M. Bolas, E. Suma. The Redirected Walking Toolkit: A Unified Development and Deployment Platform for Exploring Large Virtual Environments. Everyday VR Workshop, IEEE VR 2016

The Redirected Walking Toolkit is currently available for the Unity3D game engine only.

Recent News

March 20, 2016
The Redirected Walking Toolkit 0.3 has been released and was presented at the Everyday VR workshop at IEEE VR 2016.



The Redirected Walking Toolkit can easily be integrated with any Unity3D project. So far we have tested the toolkit with the Oculus, HTC Vive and Wide5 HMDs and with PhaseSpace, Optitrack and Valve Lighthouse tracking systems and we expect seamless integration with other existing HMDs and tracking systems available.




Using the Redirected Walking Toolkit is as simple as dragging a prefab into your game scene and setting 3 parameters. Follow the video tutorial below for details.


Can’t wait to see how redirection works? Check out our interactive web demo!