Meet Meet Mark Bolas

Mark Bolas is an Associate Director at USC’s Institute of Creative Technologies where he is the director of the Mixed-Reality Lab; he is also an Associate Professor in the Interactive Media Division of the USC School of Cinematic Arts. His work focuses on creating virtual environment transducers and experiences that fully engage one’s perception and cognition in order to form a visceral memory of the experience. Mark’s work at USC has included the development of a range of new imaging technologies, including a 150 degree head-mounted display, a non-obtrusive retro-reflective display for mixed reality applications, and contributions to USC’s 360 degree light field display. Mark holds more than 20 patents, is the recipient of numerous product awards and the 2005 IEEE Virtual Reality Technical Achievement Award. Bolas’ thesis work at Stanford’s School of Engineering, “Design and Virtual Environments” was among the first efforts to map the breadth of virtual reality as a new medium.