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Oculus Rift Minus Lab Project Holodeck HungerLA
Developed by former MxR lab assistant Palmer Luckey who worked on assortments of low-cost immersive viewers and HMDs for both ICT’s MxR and Medical Virtual Reality Labs, the Oculus Rift is the single most anticipated piece of VR technology to date. Compatible with our MxR Unity Package on the Socket, VR2GO/FOV2GO and Oculus Rift; a sneak peek of an environment from the upcoming game Tales from the Minus Lab for stereo displays. Project Holodeck used Socket to help bring 360-degree, full-body virtual reality, out of the research lab and into a fun, accessible consumer gaming platform. Featuring PhaseSpace’s tracking software and MxR HMD prototypes, HUNGER IN LOS ANGELES is a compelling piece of immersive journalism.