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Download Stereoskopix FOV2GO for Unity (including full documentation, examples and tutorials) from the Unity Asset Store:

If  you use FOV2GO code and/or plans please include this credit:
FOV2GO and the MxR Lab at USC
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Stereoscopic Unity Scripts
s3dCameraSBS.js – Unity Script to create and control a Stereo Camera in scene. Attach to Camera.
s3dCameraSBSEditor.js – Unity Script provides custom editor for stereo camera. Place in editor folder.

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Developer Tutorial (A Work in Progress)

FOV2GO is a software and hardware kit that supports the creation of immersive virtual reality experiences using smartphones. Visit for more information, documentation, etc. For support and questions, please contact us at:

Stereoskopix FOV2GO Copyright (c) 2011/12 Perry Hoberman

Note: For new developers, see B. MOBILE DEVELOPMENT GUIDE & ADDITIONAL RESOURCES for assistance with setting up iOS / Android publishing in Unity and integrating FOV2GO.



1. Setting up Unity iOS Publishing & Android Publishing

To build and run Unity games on your iPhone or Android, you need a license.  The following options are available:

iOS For Professionals

  • • $399 for iOS Basic (compatible with free version of Unity)
  • • $1500 for iOS Pro (compatible with pro version of Unity)

Android For Professionals

  • • $399 for Android Basic (compatible with free version of Unity)
  • • $1500 for Android Pro (compatible with pro version of Unity)

iOS / Android For Students

  • • $199 for iOS Pro, Unity Pro, and Asset Server for a single year
  • • $199 for Android Pro, Unity Pro, and Asset Server for a single year

iOS / Android Free 30-day Trial

  • • free full version with Unity Pro, iOS and Android trials

Once you purchase a mobile license, be sure to install it with the latest released version of Unity (currently Unity 3.5).  FOV2GO will not work on any older versions of Unity.  You can also check out the detailed license comparison chart for more information.

2. Setting Up Apple Developer License

iOS Developer Program

Enroll in the iOS Developer Program:

The program costs $99 a year.  Students have the ability to enroll in the program for free through the iOS Developer University Program, with approval from their school and assistance from professors.

You do not need to enroll in the program to simply write apps and test them in the Simulator, in which case you only need to register with Apple for free.  However, you do need to enroll in the iOS Developer Program to test games on actual devices, build and run in Unity, and distribute on the App Store.

Setting Up Apple Developer Account

Read the Unity Account Setup Guide.  This straightforward guide will show you how to set up your Apple Developer account for use with Unity.  These steps must be completed before you can build and run any Unity-built games on your iPhone or iPad, even for purposes of testing.

The final step of the Account Setup process is the most confusing: creating a Provisioning Profile.  Common issues with this step are addressed here and here in the Unity Forums.

More Help with iOS

Also be sure to look over Getting Started with iOS Development for a rundown on how to access iOS functionality such as touchscreen and gyroscope, and implement features like a custom splash screen and occlusion culling.  For a broader understanding of iOS development in general, check out iOS Introduction on the iOS Developer Library.

3. Setting Up Android Developer Environment

Read the Unity Android SDK Setup Guide.  Also be sure to read Getting Started with Android Development.

4. Additional Resources

Optimizing Performance for Mobile Platform

Before you begin creating a new scene in Unity, or modifying an existing one, it is highly recommended to look over Optimizing Performance for iOS.  If you plan on modifying an existing desktop or console game for use with FOV2GO, an entire overhaul may be necessary to get a performance-intensive scene to run on iOS.  However, if you’re creating a new scene, just keep the optimization guidelines in mind.


If you are integrating FOV2GO with an outdoor environment, the standard Unity skybox will not be compatible with stereoscopy.  To remedy this, you must add either the “skyboxDay3D” prefab or “skyboxNight3D” prefab to your Hierarchy, found in the FOV2GO/Prefabs/ folder.  The skybox3D mesh will likely have to be scaled to completely surround your environment.

In skybox3D, you will find six materials representing the six sides of the skybox.  Simply add to these the respective textures that you used in your original skybox, found in the Standard Assets/Skybox/Textures/ folder.  Once this is in place, you can remove any skybox material from your Main Camera or Render Settings.

Copyright 2011 MxR Lab, USC Institute for Creative Technologies