technology soup

We were asked what companies/technologies we are currently using in our work. As we looked around the lab, we made a list but only checked it once. For those that are curious: HTC Vive, Hololens, Oculus Rift, Unity, Kinect, Leap Motion, Intel RealSense, Perception Neuron (motion capture), Phase Space (positional tracking), Z-space (3D – fishtank VR), OpenBCI (brain computer interface), Emotive Eopch+ (brain computer interface), Neuroelectrics StarStem32 (EEG/trans cranial stimulation), Agisoft Photoscan (photogrammetry), Pix40 (photogrammetry), DJI Phantom (quad copter for photogrammetry capture), Faro (lidar plus camera scanner), Tobii Eye-X (eye tracking), Scosche (HR monitor), Crazy Flie (micro UAV), Loco Positioning (RF tracking), Rasberry Pi (avatar capture), Arduino (micro controllers).

And we’ll see what’s up next…