MxR Studio “Left of Boom” Student Developer Team Top 3 Finalist for Body Computing Conference VR Hackathon

The student team working as part of the MxR Lab’s research effort developing the “Language of VR” to determine “best practices” for creating rich “mixed environments”, were selected as one of the three finalists in the Future of Digital Health 10th Annual USC Global Body Computing Conference’s 2nd Annual VR Hackathon, with their submission “The Bystander Project.”

The VR Logline for the project is: A participant puts on the HTC Vive headset and is transported to a college house party where they are encouraged to look for signs of potential sexual harassment or abuse, and act upon them. This leads the participant to discover that they have the power to manipulate time, to pause, rewind and change the outcome of the scenario through the use of their presence and voice ultimately recognizing the importance of being an active bystander.

The Left of Boom team comprised of, Allison Comrie, John Francis, Brian Handy, Duc Ho, Chris Horrigan, Jyotsna Kadimi, Mari Kyle, Atley Loughridge and Vathsal Shashidhar worked under the supervision of the MxR Studio team:

Executive Director, Todd Richmond
Creative Director, David Nelson
Technical Director, Rhys Yahata