The MxR Lab is having a substantial presence at the ongoing 2012 ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, the premier international conference on human-computer interaction. (

Evan Suma and Mark Bolas are taking part in the GESTURES IN 3D SPACE as part of the 3rd Dimension of CHI (3DCHI): Touching and Designing 3D User Interface with the paper: FAAST-R: Defining a Core Mechanic for Designing Gestural InterfacesEvan Suma, Belinda Lange, Albert Rizzo, David Krum, Mark Bolas.

Mark Bolas also worked on a paper being presented by Nili Metuki of Primesense, Inc. looking at information discovery: Infinite Content Within Reach: Using 3D Body-Based Interaction to Enhance Content Discovery (Long) Nili Metuki, Orlee Tal, Ran Shani, Mark Bolas

As part of the CHI FOOD AND INTERACTION DESIGN WORKSHOP. (, MxR and Interactive Media Division, USC alumni Diane Tucker is presenting her paper, Chains of Food, describing the concept of the gesturally-controlled game that promises to transform some of the human-computer interactions that have been harmful to people’s health into engagements that improve it. The game was a finalist for the Future of Health Award given by Games for Health Europe.

Ed Yee from the IMD program and Josh Joiner are presenting their physically collaborative game, Combiform in the Interactivity Demo session and Student Game contest.