Keynote Remixed: Mark Bolas’s ISMAR Keynote

Recently, our Associate Director, Prof. Mark Bolas gave a keynote talk at the International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality.

While I did not attend the conference personally, I was able to contribute some material to Mark, hear his practice talks, and see a video of the final talk. Mark gave a talk, like the best keynote speakers, that mixed history, interesting anecdotes, viewpoints for the future, and inspiration for up and coming researchers, designers, and students in the audience.

He addressed several topics that I would like to examine more closely in a series of blog posts that I’m calling “Keynote Remixed.” Some of the provocative questions and observations he raised include:

  • What happened to Virtual Reality?
  • Where did reality is go?
  • Hype has a curve. Hype is useful.
  • Reality is filtered and targeted for us.

I’m be discussing these and other ideas throughout the next few weeks, beginning with “What Happened to Virtual Reality.”