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We were asked what companies/technologies we are currently using in our work. As we looked around the lab, we made a list but only checked it once. For those that are curious: HTC Vive, Hololens, Oculus Rift, Unity, Kinect, Leap Motion, Intel RealSense, Perception Neuron (motion capture), Phase Space (positional tracking), Z-space (3D – fishtank VR), OpenBCI (brain computer interface), Emotive Eopch+ (brain computer interface), Neuroelectrics StarStem32 (EEG/trans cranial stimulation), Agisoft Photoscan (photogrammetry), Pix40 (photogrammetry), DJI Phantom (quad copter for photogrammetry capture), Faro (lidar plus camera scanner), Tobii Eye-X (eye tracking), Scosche (HR monitor), Crazy Flie (micro UAV), Loco Positioning (RF tracking), Rasberry Pi (avatar capture), Arduino (micro controllers).

And we’ll see what’s up next…

doing science 29jul16

Ryan Spicer donning some headgear to explore neurological motor control in VR. This project is with Dr. Sook-Lei Lieu who has joint appointments with the USC Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy and the Keck School of Medicine of USC, Department of Neurology.


doing science 15jul16

Ball, meet target. Physical meet virtual. Mixed reality at its finest.


Pokemon Go(es) AR

Pokemon Go is all the rage now, with players around the world using their phones to capture virtual monsters in physical spaces. In fact the game passed Twitter and even Google Maps for active user base. AR games are not new, but this is a bit of a perfect storm. Some press articles with quotes from Todd Richmond:

“Pokemon Go Digital Popularity is Also Warping Real Life” – ABC News (AP syndication)

“How Pokemon Go Could Change the Course of Technology” – Market Watch

Lot’s of unintended consequences that are starting to pop up, and another example of disconnect between analog and digital.

Pokemon_Go_screenshot Pokémon_Go_-_screenshot_of_map

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