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David Krum co-directs the ICT Mixed Reality Lab, which develops new techniques and technologies for presenting immersive experiences. His research interests include human-computer interaction, virtual reality, and 3D interaction.

DARPA to release software developed by Mixed Reality Lab

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), is responsible for funding and developing blue sky advancements in technology and science for the US Department of Defense. These have included significant roles in developing GPS, the Internet, autonomous cars, integrated circuits, and hypersonic aircraft. DARPA has now made some of their software available for free through an Open Source Software Catalog:

ICT’s Mixed Reality Lab is proud to be represented in this catalog with software related to “Immersive Body Based Interactions”, a research project that seeks to understand and address the human computer interface challenges raised by Big Data. MxR team members David Krum and Thai Phan developed and contributed software for low cost tablet based virtual reality displays and innovative multi-touch software for accessing large databases.




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Virtual Human Display Study

We are offering $20 to participate in a research study to investigate how virtual reality displays can affect how people react to virtual human characters. Virtual human characters are characters that are computer generated and controlled. This study may help us to understand how to choose equipment and design virtual characters for virtual reality training systems.

If you volunteer to participate in this study, you will be asked to use a helmet mounted display weighing 1 lb (see picture) and observe a virtual human character. We will also ask you to fill out questionnaires before, during, and after your observations. We anticipate that your total participation will last 30 minutes or less.

To be eligible to participate, you must be over the age of 18, able to stand without assistance, able to communicate comfortably in spoken and written English, and have 20/20 vision or vision corrected using glasses or contact lenses.

All participants will receive the compensation at the end of their participation. The study will take place at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies. Please note that this is not located on the USC campus.

Location: (study completed).

Participation in this study is completely voluntary, and the decision whether or not to participate will not in any way affect student or employment status at the University of Southern California.

If you are interested in participating, please schedule an appointment online by clicking the following link: (study completed)

To learn more about the study, please email David Krum. You may also telephone on business days between the hours of 9 AM – 4 PM PST.

David M. Krum, Ph.D.
Computer Scientist

USC Researchers Debut Smartphone 3-D Virtual Reality Viewer Made Out of Cardboard

We unveiled this at the IEEE Virtual Reality Conference, which was March 4-8, 2012 in Costa Mesa, California.

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Viewer Folding Instructions

iPhone Viewer Folding Instructions


The “Tales from the Minus Lab” app is a sneak peek or preview of an environment from the upcoming game Tales from the Minus Lab. Our friends from the “Minus Lab” kindly shared some of their game assets so we could demonstrate how immersive 3D environments could be presented on a smartphone.

Apps written for the Hasbro my3D may also work with an FOV2GO viewer for iPhone 4-4S (and the apps may be “upside-down”).

Search the Apple app store for “my3D” or try an app listed below.

Note: These apps were not written by the FOV2GO team, the MxR Lab, ICT, or USC.