Seoul Institute of the Arts

The ICT Mixed Reality Lab has been conducting an international workshop with the Seoul Institute of the Arts with the main focus of developing new immersive experiences for the inVRse immersive viewer, a low cost virtual reality platform, and training a new generation of immersive designers and developers.

With the guidance of David Krum, Sin-hwa Kang, and Thai Phan, of the Mixed Reality Lab, and SeoulArts professor, Dae Hong Kim, two teams of undergraduate students from SeoulArts began designing immersive applications for the inVRse, a tablet based VR display developed at the ICT.

Three weeks ago, the teams traveled to the United States where they have been hosted by the ICT while completing their immersive applications. Both teams showed off their work during a New Demo Showcase at the Institute last week. The first team produced an application called Travel the Grand Canyon: an immersive jet pack experience at the Grand Canyon and the second team introduced Build a Car: assembling a car in virtual reality. This has been a testament to user-friendliness of the inVRse paradigm, providing an accessible VR framework for artists to now think VR.


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Mark Bolas: Eliciting “First Person Emotion”

Upload VR interviews Mark Bolas on the future of cinematic VR experiences and first person emotions. Mark describes that when immersed in a virtual world we are experiencing it in a first person perspective “And as a result, there is an entire range of emotions that we can give people that are first person emotions.”



Virtual Reality: The Big Picture – Mark Bolas on panel at Sundance

Sunday January 25, 2015

12:00 p.m.-1:30 p.m.

New Frontier Microcinema
573 Main Street, 2nd floor

An all-in-one discussion on everything Virtual Reality. Learn what it takes to create a quality virtual reality production, where the technology is headed and the science behind the experience.

We will take a deep dive into the Virtual Reality companion to “Wild” with acclaimed virtual reality directors Félix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphael, and SVP of Production for Fox Searchlight, David Greenbaum. Learn about the future of the technology with Oculus VP of Product Nate Mitchell. Moderated by Franklin Leonard, Founder of the Black List

VR May Save The World: Mark Bolas Delivers Opening Keynote at UIST 2014

“We are redefining and creating what it means to be human in this new physical/virtual integrated reality – we are not just designing user interfaces, we are designing users.” In his opening keynote, Mark Bolas discussed the development of satisfying user interfaces and the rules of engagement as things become increasingly virtual and surreal. He illustrated one example by distributing sheets of bubble wrap to all attendees.



How to VRIn an article on Virtual Reality, The Verge featured specs on how to build a VR headset using the VR2GO plans available from the ICT’s Mixed Reality Lab.

Rapid Avatar Generation

RacVoice of America featured ICT’s Rapid Avatar Generation, the three minute process for turning people into avatars.