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Fred Pighin
pighin (at) ict (dot) usc (dot) edu
Institute for Creative Technologies, USC
4640 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
(310) 448-0352
I am a senior researcher at the Institute for Creative Technologies (University of Southern California) where I manage the Computer Animation Lab.

My goal is to develop techniques to synthesize photo-real virtual actors. I am interested both in the representations for rendering and animating synthetic actors and to develop tools for digital artists to create believable human characters.

Given the difficulties of modeling the human body in a physically correct way, we are trying to resynthesize human appearance by using sampled geometry, motion, and reflectance acquired with passive and active sensors. Instrumental in this research is a set of state of the art capture devices: the light stage (facial reflectance), range scanners (facial geometry) and a full-body motion capture system.

This research greatly benefits from a collaboration with the USC school of Cinema and Television and generous software donations from House of Moves and Vicon Motion Systems.


Current Projects (ICT)

Previous Projects (University of Washington and MSR)

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